Forth Valley, Fife & Tayside Area Ramblers


The site is intended to be a central area of information for all members and volunteers of the groups in the area. Sugestions for improvements and additions will be considered.

The main walk listings on the site are The Walks Programme and the individual programmes for each group. These use an accordion style list showing date, title and length of walk. Click on any entry to expand it and show all details. There are links to show OS maps for, and Google directions to, meeting place and walk start locations. Alternatively there is a map showing where all walks will take place and also a connection to Ramblers walk finder with our area already selected. A digital copy [PDF] of the Area Joint Programme can be downloaded from the AJP page.

Pages are in development that will be of help to volunteers.

The site is a responsive site.

The layout of a page will vary depending on the device and screen size on which it is being viewed.

Pages can have 1, 2 or 3 'columns'. If there are three, then the central one is the 'main column'. On a computer you would normally see these 'columns' side by side, but on a phone the main column would be shown first with any left or right 'columns' being shown below.

Some pages have 'features' - the Altered & Cancelled Walks panel and the Site News panel. These are always shown above everything else.

This flexibility means it is impossible to say in a description that an illustration "is on the right". It could just as easily be below. Please bear this in mind when the description says "on this page".

Monday, December 17, 2018