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updated 20-Feb-18

About the GWEM

General help from Ramblers

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About the GWEM

The Group Walks and Events Manager is the Ramblers database containing details of walks, events and walk leaders for all groups.

Each group can appoint one or more members to edit the GWEM. The Walks Programme Coordinator [WPC] must be an Editor. The AJP-3 software that WPCs use to compile their walks programmes uses a downloaded version of the leader details held on the GWEM. Where more than one person can edit for a group, it is important that the WPC be notified if a leader's details have been altered. The AJP-3 application does not automatically update when changes are made in the GWEM and the WPC has to download a new file to replace the outdated one. This is to ensure that the correct information appears in the printed Area Joint Programme [AJP]. Details in online listings are updated immediately when a change is made in the GWEM.

General help from Ramblers

The link within the panel on this page will take you directly to the Ramblers website page dedicated to everything about the GWEM (Group walks & events manager). 

There are many PDF documents on that page for you to download and study. Not all of them are relevant to groups in our area. The list below shows what to read and what to ignore.  The Ramblers' idea for the GWEM is that groups should use it to enter the details of their walks. The primary source of information about walks in our area is the AJP (Area Joint Programme or 'The Book') and the system envisioned by the Ramblers does not suit its production. One aspect in particular - contributors - is of no interest to us.

  • Getting started for editors - New editors should definitely read this.
  • Editors manual - Worth reading selectively.
  • Getting started for contributors - Do not read.
  • Contributors manual - Do not read.
  • Additional Features Guide - Some points of interest, but by no means essential reading.
  • Spreadsheet template - Not required - the AJP-3 entry system produces the csv file required for bulk upload of walks.
  • Group Online Walks Editor Volunteer Role Description - Worth reading.
  • Group Online Walks Contributor Volunteer Role Description - Do not read.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is also worth consulting. 

Help for Forth Valley, Fife & Tayside use

Best practice when changes are made to a walk after the AJP has been printed.

When any significant change to a walk has been made the 'Altered since first published' Strand should be highlighted. This automatically displays all such walks in the prominent panel on this website. Adding the nature of the change to the Walk Title means that people do not have to search through the entry to find out what has changed. When a walk is completely cancelled (not just a change of date), if the correct procedure is followed, there is no need to click on 'Altered since first published' (Notify a change to a walk).

See below for examples.

Videos are hosted on Youtube and open in a new tab.

PDFs also open in a new tab. While they are printable, it is suggested you make your own crib sheet based on them to suit your needs.

 *Notify a change to a walk*

 Download PDF              view video


 *Cancel a walk* 

 Download PDF              view video


 Change the leader

 Download PDF              view video

 More to follow . . . . .  

Group Walks & Events Manager

Click the button below to go directly to the Ramblers Group Walks & Events Manager toolkit page. [opens in new tab]

A list of all the articles is shown on this web page under General help from Ramblers - indicating the articles you can ignore.

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